Professional Education

Continuing Professional Development
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Research Prizes & Awards
Colgate DCP Research Awards
Colgate and The Oral & Dental Research Trust are pleased to invite applications for the fourth round of Colgate DCP Research Awards for research conducted by Dental Care Professionals (DCP). Four awards, each to a maximum value of £2,500, will be mad ...
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Senior Colgate Research Prize
Colgate offers a cash award of £500 for the best verbal presentation by a dental researcher. The winner will be entered for the Senior or Post-doctoral category of the Hatton Awards competition at the IADR meeting. Additionally, in order to reward th ...
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Upcoming Events & Meetings
  • BSDHT Regional Group Spring Meetings
    March - April 2010
  • British Association for the Sudy of Community Dentistry (BASCD) Spring Meeting
    22nd April 2010
  • British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT)
    24th April 2010